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Nov 13

Investor opportunities: Spain and China

The 686th Lord Mayor & Women in the City

If I were a man, I would spend my money on women and wine and wandering.

I am, however, most definitely a woman and one who had occasion to feel immensely proud of her sex last Saturday, as fifty City women marched in the Lord Mayor’s annual parade, amid the driving rain and horse poo left by a mounted regiment. (The attached photo has little to do with reality). Perhaps the circumstances were a metaphor for what it takes to succeed in the City as a woman. But that was all forgotten as we waved at the half a million people lining the route and then passed by the Mansion House to salute Fiona Woolf, the second woman in 800 years to be elected Lord Mayor of the City of London.


Jan 13

Future Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf CBE

Female diversity in the City

In autumn 2013 Fiona Woolf CBE (subject to election), will be only the second woman since 1189 to become the Lord Mayor of the City of London. This will be a highly memorable and exciting event in the City and beyond.

Robinson Hambro has been involved with Fiona’s Diversity Advisory Panel for some time as part of our commitment to boosting the role of women in corporate life. We were also involved in drafting the search consultant code to help more women onto boards, part of the Davies report.

Oct 11

London and Caracas: two sides of the same coin

Income inequality and the foreign conundrum

There are echoes of pre-Chavez Venezuela in the UK these days. A classic example of elite capitalism and the virtually insurmountable gap between the haves and have nots. In Caracas, the elite lived in guarded mansions in the Eastern hills of the city with bodyguards accompanying them everywhere. The benefits of decades of petroleum revenues never made it into the barrios of the Western hills of the city. President Hugo Chavez was the result.